About Bravo Communications, Inc.

Bravo Communications, Inc., founded in Oct., 1985, is a privately held California Corporation that was formed to address the requirements for computer, networking, and LAN accessory products. Today, "BRAVO" is a worldwide renowned Manufacturer for our top quality product solutions which are easily available through Bravo Stocking Distributors in almost every country. All Bravo products are 100% U.S. MADE in San Jose, California in the heart of "Silicon Valley". If you don't see the product you need---JUST ASK by sending to us an E-MAIL or fax from Bravo's Web site for immediate response or inquire from a qualified Bravo Distributor.

Since our early beginnings, as a Leading Manufacturer of High-Speed Printer Sharing Devices, Bravo Communications has over the course of 30+ years, continued to design, manufacture and market additional successful product lines that diversify its product business areas with the following offerings:

  • High-Speed Parallel Line Extender (576Kbps + IEEE P1284 Bidirectional)
  • Universal Serial Line Extender (40Kbps)
  • High-Speed Serial Line Extender (120Kbps + 15KV Surge Protection)
  • Sure/Fire® Datacom Network Port Protectors
  • Sure/Fire® LAN Protectors Cat.5 & Cat.6
  • Sure/Fire® Telecom Protectors With Sure/Fuse® Capability + ISDN
  • Sure/Fire® 4-Port Building Block Hub Protectors Cat.5 & Cat.6
  • Sure/Fire® Rackmount Protection Products Cat.5 & Cat.6
  • Bravo Cabling Systems And Related Components
  • Bravo PoE Surge & Lightning Protection Products

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These Bravo product lines have produced for the company leading industry positions in the business areas of:

  1. Long-Distance Data Signal Line Extender Products
  2. Network Surge & Lightning Protection Products
  3. Cabling Products & Accessories
  4. Surge Protection Component Sales

Today, Bravo has become the Leader in providing Data and Network Surge & Lightning Protection products for protecting virtually all types of signals whether Datacom, Telecom, LAN, RF, Control Signal, PoE, and much more with over 300+ product offerings. Bravo has also become a dominant player in the military market for protecting both U.S. and Foreign critical mission control communications solutions . Bravo’s future mission is to continue to expand our offerings in the Signal Protection segment of the Protection market.